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Statement on the outcomes of ANC Caucus of the GPL

Statement on the outcomes of ANC Caucus of the GPL

7 June 2012

The ANC Caucus of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature convened its ordinary monthly plenary meeting. The ANC Caucus convenes at a time when the ANC Centenary flame is being hosted in the Gauteng province. The focus is also on celebrating the life and times of ANC President Dr. Alfred Bitini Xuma, an astute academic and leader, who was a teacher and medical doctor by profession.

The Caucus has reaffirmed the significance of the month of June in the history of our struggle. It is in this month that we commemorate June 16 and remember the radical and militant youth of 1976 which took to the streets and fought against political injustice and segregation in education. As we celebrate under the theme "the doors of culture and learning shall be open to all", the Caucus calls upon the community of Gauteng to reflect on the gains made in education and what challenges lie ahead for the youth of today given the horrific number of young people unemployed and fast falling in the pit of poverty.

The ANC Caucus in GPL also deliberated vastly on the Policy discussion documents issued by the ANC as we prepare for the National Policy conference which will take place in Gauteng. The concentration was specifically on the Legislature and governance document which touches widely on the work of the Legislature and parliament. We look forward to the upcoming Provincial General Council, which will be convened by the ANC in the Gauteng province. We commit as an activist caucus towards making a positive and meaningful contribution as people within the legislative machinery. The PGC will be a platform for the branches in Gauteng to deposit imperative views on the overall discussion documents as we shape policy moving into the next century of the ANC.

Caucus also notes and welcomes the opening of the Gautrain station in Park station Johannesburg. This is part of the broader plans in improving road and transport infrastructure for the people of Gauteng; we applaud the department and the workers who worked tirelessly to ensure that this becomes a reality.
The period of Budget votes has started in the legislature and we keenly note the budgets which have been presented thus far. The budgets tabled affirm the Gauteng Provincial Government`s commitment towards ensuring that we eradicate poverty and transform the lives of our people.

Issued by the ANC Caucus
Office of the Chief Whip (ANC)
Hon. Brian Hlongwa

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