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Statement on the outcomes of ANC Caucus of the GPL

Statement on the outcomes of ANC Caucus of the GPL

14 May 2012

The ANC Caucus of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature held its ordinary monthly plenary meeting. The meeting was held at a time when fellow comrades of our movement, who also served as MPs in Parliament had sadly untimely departed. These are Comrade Sicelo Shiceka, who had also at some stage served in the Gauteng Provincial Government, Comrade Roy Padayachee and Comrade Florence Nyanda- fondly known as "Mam. Flo". We have also received with great sadness the news of the passing of Reverend Motlalepule Chabaku. She will be remembered as a stalwart, a mother, activist, a Christian soldier and selfless champion of the poor and vulnerable in our society. Our hearts bleed as we are losing fellow comrades who still had much to contribute to our democracy.

The ANC Caucus reflected largely on developments around the society which touch lives of our people. We firstly wish to applaud the SAPS in Gauteng for decisively translating words into swift action. The SAPS under the leadership and authority of Lieutenant Gen. Mzwandile Petros, successfully arrested culprits masquerading as law enforcers within their ranks. This contributes towards boosting the confidence of members of the community towards law enforcement in Gauteng. The Caucus commends the leadership of the Provincial Commissioner and members of the Police service for their dedication to fighting corruption.

Caucus also notes and welcomes the ongoing efforts by the Treasury in Gauteng as well as the Department of Health and Social Development in ensuring that service providers are paid and the systemic problems confronted by the department are urgently addressed. We believe that this is a positive step towards stabilising the Provincial Health Department and ensuring that matters of procurement do not undermine service delivery

Caucus in the GPL notes and welcomes the prompt and effective intervention by the Department of Basic Education as led by MEC Barbra Creecy on schools which continue to solicit and misuse funding intended for pupils. We condemn the behaviour of the leadership of these schools, which blatantly goes against our objectives and mission of providing quality education for South Africans. We urge that all culprits found guilty must face the full might of the law. We also call upon communities to be proactive through school governing bodies in exposing these scams used to undermine our democracy. Caucus also welcomes the fact that a department official has already been suspended. This asserts that no one is above the law and demonstrates that the GPG remains fully committed to fighting and uprooting corruption. Education is a right and anyone seeking to undermine this constitutional clause must face the full might of the law.

Caucus also noted the developments around e-tolling. The ANC Caucus has always advocated for an inclusive approach on the matter. We respect that South Africans have used the democratic institutions in order to find solutions. Caucus hopes that moving forward a positive and all inclusive approach will be outlined to avoid any further confusion on the matter. It has been a lesson for all stakeholders, which augers well future processes.

The ANC Caucus has also considered and debated the budget votes of the departments of the Gauteng Provincial Government. We are confident that these budgets will consolidate the work of building a better life for the people of Gauteng, and that they will help the process of dealing with poverty, unemployment and inequality in our society. Caucus looks forward to the debates of the budget votes which will take place at the end of May 2012.

Issued by the ANC Caucus in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature

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