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Lekgotla Declaration of the ANC Caucus of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature

Lekgotla Declaration of the ANC Caucus of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature

16 February 2012

We, Members of the ANC Caucus in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature met for the 4th Annual Lekgotla in our fourth term on the 14-16 February 2012 in Johannesburg. We note that the Lekgotla takes place during a historical period in South Africa, the continent and the world. The Lekgotla takes place in the year of the centenary for the African National Congress, making it the oldest revolutionary movement on the African continent. We pride ourselves for being members of such a tried and tested movement and serving the people of Gauteng under its banner.

The energy and rigour of discussions captured the centenary spirit amongst comrades. ANC Members of the Provincial Legislature (MPL`s), ANC Members of the NCOP and Chief Whips of ANC led municipalities attended the Lekgotla.

The Lekgotla takes place after the January 8th NEC Centenary statement as well as the State of the Nation Address respectively delivered by the President of the ANC and country, Comrade Jacob Zuma. These two critical addresses provide a clear line of march on what is required from the organisation and its public representatives on matters of service to the people.

The Lekgotla received a thought provoking keynote address from the ANC Gauteng Provincial Secretary David Malemolla Makhura. Under the theme "The search for a new civilisation and Africa`s prospect during the ANC second Centenary", he made a broader analysis of gains, opportunities and challenges lying ahead for the movement. The input was delivered at a time where many events have unfolded continentally as well as internationally. As part of a rich and robust discussion on the input, the Lekgotla made the following observations:

  • Given the shift in international balance of forces and power relations, our continent is confronted with new and various challenges and opportunities The post 1990 unipolar world led by the USA is clearly changing with power shifting to other parts of the world including the East.
  • It`s a critical time for our continent to make a thorough assessment on its place in the world and its potential role as an emerging power house.
  • The current serious capitalist crisis has had severe ramifications on our economy and the world economy. This crisis is far bigger and systemic than others experienced historically. This crisis resulted in jobs losses and deterioration of living standards of people, leaving them destitute.
  • As we seek to assert the African agenda globally, our strong and positive continental relations remain critical in strengthening the unity of the African continent and its people.

The Lekgotla reflected on the Caucus midterm review presented by the ANC Chief Whip in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature and noted the following;

  • That we have reached the midterm period of our five year mandate. This requires a comprehensive assessment and analysis on the state of governance. This is informed by the renewed mandate that our people gave in 2009 and 2011.
  • That we should take stock of all the challenges and gains made by the ANC led government on the betterment of the lives of our people as informed by the Manifesto priorities.
  • We should consolidate all the gains made in the midterm and implement outstanding programmes in the remaining term period.

In addition to the several resolutions taken on matters of economic transformation, social transformation and governance, the Lekgotla resolved that:

  • We should at all times inculcate the moral authority of the ANC and its values. We should espouse these values in our day to day work.
  • Continued capacity building of our members is central to ensuring that we effectively and efficiently run government and the state.
  • Relations of all spheres of government must be further strengthened particularly at provincial and local government, as these are the spheres that deal closely with the people.
  • To welcome the interventions made by the Premier, MEC for Health and the MEC for Finance in ensuring prompt payment of health service providers and suppliers. This will assist in finding long-term solutions for this very important department.


The next 100 years will be crucial in defining our role in the new centenary. We will be part of the organisation wide discussion on professionalising, modernising and strengthening the ANC. As we renew the organisation and build new generations of cadres for the new phase of the struggle, we should lay a solid foundation for future generations to build a better country and Africa. Our movement must at all times side with the weak and vulnerable in society.

ANC Lives!!! ANC Leads!!!

Issued by the ANC Caucus of the Gauteng Legislature

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