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Clean audit for Gauteng Government lauded

Clean audit for Gauteng Government lauded

24 October 2013

Gauteng Government has recorded sterling achievements on programmatic and financial performance, African National Congress (ANC) Caucus said today.

Having gone through the tabling of the Annual Reports during the sitting of the Legislature in September, Caucus was please to hear that five departments received clean audits and the rest with unqualified audit opinion.

On programmatic performance, the Caucus remained optimistic that the ANC Government was doing very well with a few challenges lingering. Some of the achievements in line with the commitments made in the 2009 Elections Manifesto including the growing the economy and creating jobs, food security and infrastructure development. According to the Medium Term Strategic Framework 2009-14, the ANC government has built road infrastructure, 33 437 small businesses and cooperatives have benefited from various government interventions, and the target of single digit unemployment rate by 2030 is said achievable in line with the National Development Plan, the government has reached the 90% scale of payment of invoices that must be paid with 30 days. The department of Health is currently standing at 80% in 30 days.

The spending on conditional grants has improved across the economic and social sectors. Caucus argued that the Gauteng Government must lead in drawing the incentives grants from the national government also because our population growth is ahead of the national average which increases the burden on our services.

Caucus also welcomed the establishment of the Transport Operating License Administrative Body (TOLAB) to reduce backlogs in license testing aimed for completion in March 2014; the government has signed MOUs with municipalities in the areas of Driver Learner Testing Centre (DLTC) aimed at improving performance.

Amongst critical challenges, Caucus noted with concern the under-spending of the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) by the three metropolitan municipalities in Gauteng this runs into billions of Rands. Caucus is to engage the Provincial and National government to intervene to ensure that all these problems are addressed urgently.

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