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ANC Statement on Caucus Community Outreach Programme

ANC Statement on Caucus Community Outreach Programme

10 October 2013

From the 11th of September 2013, as part of its oversight programme aimed at ensuring better delivery of services, the African National Congress (ANC) Caucus at the Gauteng Provincial Legislature launched the Community Outreach Programme in Mohlakeng, Randfontein, in the West Rand. This was in line with strengthening our responsiveness; particularly the administrative sphere of the state to the needs of communities and intervene decisively to accelerate service delivery backlogs.

This undertaking comes on the eve of the 5th General Elections and closing stages of the fourth term of the ANC government in Gauteng, as we anticipate celebrate 20 years of our young democracy. Naturally, our movement has to; together with our people, asses our achievements and short-comings candidly. In the past few weeks, the ANC caucus of the GPL jointly with Municipal caucuses has had first hand interaction directly with communities in assessing service delivery projects implemented by the Gauteng Provincial Government and getting the gist of some of the challenges confronted by our communities.

Overall the feedback has been positive that indeed lives of our people have transformed for the better; this was further an opportunity to educate our communities on how the various spheres of government work and at times what are the obstacles hindering on service delivery projects.

The outcome of these engagements are viewed as clear proposals for interventions, systematic mechanisms for our continuous integrated oversight that strengthens our Caucus ethos of activism to engage with communities to provide feedback on how our ANC government is achieving electoral mandate and delivering services.

In our assessment as Caucus, the year`s GPG programmes were indeed consistent with our Movement`s economic transformation agenda as articulated in the following priorities:

  • Job creation
  • Sustainable livelihoods
  • Food security
  • Education
  • Supporting small businesses and co-operatives
  • Promoting manufacturing, services and tourism sectors
  • Infrastructure development and
  • Promotion of youth service programmes.

We hope that this process of engagement with the municipal caucuses, the stakeholders and citizens as it would be the case here in Orange Farm today, will go a long way to assist in ensuring that we arrive at a thorough assessment of our work.

In Johannesburg specifically, as part of economic development and job creation the City is implementing amongst other things, the Gauteng Tourism Infrastructure Strategy and Plan which includes among others the Newtown Cultural Precinct; Hop-on-off Bus; Training and Skills Development; Grading of Accommodation Establishments.

But indeed challenges ream and these also have been brought to our attention. What follows is the summary of what our engagement with our people has produced in the past few weeks.

Issues which were broadly highlighted are as follows

  • Housing, the backlog and some of the hindrances as a result of the correlation between GPG and Municipalities; the Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality for example didn`t have full accreditation and competency to continue with Housing projects and now it does. This has been a major bone of contention and fuelled by the fast growing population in Gauteng as a result of people coming from other provinces seeking opportunities. Concerns were also raised with regards to the completion of the conversion of the hostel to family units, which is also a Housing competency which unfortunately required the local government sphere to intervene in terms of piping and providing water and sanitation. The question of title deeds was also prominent. There is a request that the department must expedite the issuing of title deeds and letter of authority for beneficiaries of deceased persons.
  • On matter of social development the question of the non-classification of Nyaope as an illegal drug is hampering efforts to fight substance abuse. The issue of substance abuse came out vehemently as it affects the youth, and by and large poor communities. The GPG has worked tirelessly together with the Department of safety to oust drug lords in our communities and as the ANC Caucus we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that there is a classification on Nyaope as an illicit substance.

The Majority of challenges for example in the DA run Midvaal, in areas such as the Sicelo Shiceka settlement- the people have been waiting for service delivery for the past 15 years, our people remain marginalized in DA run wards , especially poor communities. Also in Tshwane a DA councilor does not convene public meetings and there is no engagement with the community on any development initiatives.

  • The question of timeous payment of service providers by the GPG departments came to the fore and is still seen as a challenge for SMME`s.

When we leave here this evening, we would be armed with similar issues from this community and elsewhere. Clearly, we have clear programmes and specific needs from our people some of which we can resolve immediately and others over a longer period.

Thus far, our overall evaluation is that a lot has been achieved and there are systematic improvements in the delivery of services by the ANC Government this year as compared to the previous one.

We are pleased to inform you that all these issues constitute the programme of Caucus to ensure that intergovernmental collaboration and oversight on projects should be strengthened, and the ANC Caucuses must closely work with communities in resolving issues raised.

Thank you,

ANC Chief Whip
Brian Hlongwa

For more information contact Caucus Media Relations: Mbangwa Xaba 072 447 6582