ANC Gauteng Legislature
ANC livid at ID linked abuse of women

ANC livid at ID linked abuse of women

22 August 2013

African National Congress (ANC) in the Gauteng Legislature is fuming following news reports of a family abused by a man who impregnated both mother and daughter, saying this could be avoided.

According to the Sowetan newspaper yesterday, a 37 year old man in Brits has impregnated the daughter of his 36 year old girlfriend who herself is pregnant and then committed suicide. From the report, it appears that this family was taken advantage of by the man who is said to have been its breadwinner.

ANC Public Safety spokesperson at the Gauteng Legislature Jacob Khawe; said the incident has all the hallmarks of well planned crime exacerbated by the absence of a basic right to citizenship, the Identify document.

"Whilst the sick behavior of the perpetrator could not be explained or linked in any way to the government`s ability to provide services, the fact that the mother in that family did not have the South African Identity Document and therefore unable to fend for her family points to an abuse which could have been avoided if the woman had an ID," Khawe said.

He said all levels of government must urgently intervene in ensuring that South Africans have Identity documents, he called for an urgent government intervention in the provision of Identity documents.

He said Caucus will be joining the Mans` March this weekend as part of its dedicated effort to highlight the plight of women and hope that this specific case will assist to raise the awareness of the economic enslavement of women.

"Many women are still unaware of their rights and even the well informed women are traumatised and are unlikely to be assertive and insist on their rights. Imagine what would happen to a destitute 16 year and or an unemployed mother of five? Many women are afraid of further violence from the perpetrator and this compounded by the intricacy of our laws which a lot of women have not yet grasped," said Khawe.

He said at its Plenary held earlier this month, Caucus had decided to engage the government in Gauteng and all municipalities to assist in ensuring that citizens of Gauteng have identity document to vote and now with is incident, the programmed will have to be sped up.

"This incident demonstrates clearly the point Caucus is making. The idea is to ensure that government is able to find innovative ways to assist poor residents to be registered citizens. Participatory democracy means the ability to vote, access all government services as a right and the ability to interact with government - something this lady was denied. No one must be disfranchised simply because they cannot afford to apply for an ID`s including costs of ID photos and attendant costs," Khawe said.

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