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Give people ID`s - Gauteng ANC

Give people ID`s - Gauteng ANC

8 August 2013

Participatory democracy and the right to vote will form the cornerstone of the African National Congress (ANC) activities in the Gauteng legislature during this quarter of the legislature session.

At its Caucus Plenary held today, the ANC in Gauteng Legislature decided to engage the government in Gauteng from the Provincial Government and all municipalities to assist in ensuring that citizens of Gauteng have identity document to vote. The idea is to ensure that government is able to find innovative ways to assist poor residents do vote. Caucus said no one must be disfranchised simply because they cannot afford to apply for the ID`s including costs of ID photos and attendant costs.

The Caucus is also to deploy members in association with members of the Executive at all levels of government will be intervening in service delivery issues in the province. These will include visits to areas engulfed by protests such as Fouchvillie in the Westrand, Protea South and Chris Hani Settlements in Johannesburg. Caucus, will at these meetings ensure that government is able to explain to citizens as to why some of the services are not delivered.

"We strongly believe that the government of the people should be able to take people into confidence with regard to its work. Where there are challenges, they must be able to explain to us why we are faced by difficulties. Similarly, we believe it is unwarranted for some amongst us to use these challenges for criminal purposes by vandalizing public property and attacks on private property and businesses. We reserve special condemnation for those who attack households of others including municipal councilors. It`s just criminal and must not be tolerated," Brian Hlongwa, ANC Chief Whip said.

Caucus also noted the reports that the National Demarcations Board has decided to establish the Emfuleni Metropolitan Municipality, but Caucus will respond to recommendation in due course after proper consideration of the report.

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