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DA racist, fraud skeletons torment residents

DA racist, fraud skeletons torment residents

3 May 2013

Midvaal, Gauteng`s only Democratic Alliance (DA) run municipality is plagued by racism, nepotism, corruption, abuse of power and maladministration, its residents say.

African National Congress (ANC) Caucus in the Gauteng Legislature said it has been inundated with these reports for months and will this week embark on a fact finding mission in a series of meetings with residents including a door-door blitz this weekend.

Midvaal ANC Parliamentary Constituency Office (PCO) Head, Valentine Mbatha, said amongst a litany of allegations that residents have leveled against the municipality are claims that it has sold its land to private owners to avoid building houses for the poor. Residents say whenever they approached the DA municipality about an open land to build low cost houses, the municipality would quickly auction off the land in order to claim land scarcity.

"This has been persistent whilst the area faced a huge housing backlog. There has been no new development or low cost housing built in the municipality for the past 10 years of DA rule and the number of the homeless is now estimated at over 10 000 with two sprawling informal settlements burgeoning with no plans whatsoever to formalise them," Mbatha said.

Other allegations are that the DA would use council resources to hold DA events with DA Councillors coming to the event wearing their DA t-shirts in a blatant abuse of state resources, reports of corruption maladministration and fraud with contracts being awarded to family members of the DA leaders in the area and the victimization through unconstitutional evictions by the DA Council which fails to provide basic services to all communities irrespective of whether they are property owners.

"What is most disturbing is that it appears the DA is adamant on creating its own Orania in Gauteng. It has become increasingly clear that for you to have a house in Midvaal you should not be poor and hopefully not black either. They line the entire land into the hands of the few white people and do all that they can to ensure that there are no low cost houses in that area," said Mbatha.

He said his PCO was flooded with complaints from business people who have on numerous occasions complained that the business community has been frustrated to wits end. Others, he said, would rather opt out of council business because the DA appears to be clear in its intentions to line pockets of its members and leave the rest of the community out.

"We have in our possession documents that prove that the DA in Midvaal Council has auctioned Council owned land in order to avoid having to deal with housing the poorest people in Midvaal. The area has a huge housing backlog and the provincial government battles to deal with this matter because of land challenges and yet there are evictions and a serious landlessness in Midvaal. This mainly and largely affects the informal, rural poor and the farm dwellers," said Mbatha.

He said ANC will from today spend time with ANC councilors to hear their side of the story and then engage with all other stakeholders from Friday morning.

The consultation process is expected to conclude with a public meeting on Sunday where the ANC will announce how it will intervene in this situation.

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