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ANC Anti Abuse Campaign rallies behind Krugersdorp woman

ANC Anti Abuse Campaign rallies behind Krugersdorp woman

24 April 2013

ANC lawmaker Anti Abuse Campaign in the Gauteng Legislature enters its second leg with a support to a 45-year Krugersdorp mother who has been battling to get justice for over three years.

Amanda Hill, a mother of a 21-year-old daughter has been a victim of abuse at work where she was attacked by her boss at a powerful law firm and her attempts to get justice at the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) led to her dismal as her case was thrown out. Days later she fell victim once again, this time, by her landlord who assaulted her.

"I lost the case at the CCMA because the company sent three expert labour lawyers to go up against me, a jobless woman with no money to pay for a lawyer. I couldn`t even claim unemployment (Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)) and got evicted and then thanks to losing my job due to the slapping incident, I then had financial problems and so forth and my poor child was in matric and we were evicted," a tearful Hill told her story to Caucus in an email.

Her case will be sitting on May 13 and Caucus under the leadership of Chief Whip Brian Hlongwa will be visiting the court offer support to Hill and other women in a similar situation.

Hlongwa said a visit to the courts was scheduled to start on Friday (26th April) ahead of Freedom Day Celebrations but in the light of Amanda Hill`s plight, Caucus had to reconsider in order to offer support to her case in order to highlight her plight as is likely to affect many women.

"Many women are still unaware of their rights when reporting abuse and even informed women are traumatised by an assault and are unlikely to be assertive and insist on their rights. Many women are afraid of further violence from the perpetrator if they attempt legal action, as the case of Ms Hill clearly demonstrates," Hlongwa said.

"This is compounded by the intricacy of our laws which a lot of women have not yet grasped. The challenge exists for the Acts like the Domestic Violence Act and Sexual Harassment as provided for in the Labour Relations Act, as well as a plethora of regulations to be made accessible in a form of legislation to benefit and protect women in all areas of their lives. The effective implementation of our laws also needs to be ensured, for effective legal preventative measures (protection order) and police escorts to abused women. So, our visit to the courts will be to amongst others, check what could be done in order to assist the system and empower victims to access justice," he said.

Hlongwa said emotional abuse or humiliation in front of others was most common and this was linked to physical abuse or being pushed or shoved and being slapped or hit. These were being exacerbated by the fact that most young women are mostly subjected to assault (ranging from slapping to beating with objects and stabbing) and sexual coercion by partners and others.

"These are the issues that we need to highlight and ensure that our justice system is able to respond to these challenges adequately. But more importantly, we need society wide support especially by men. In Caucus, this campaign is spearheaded by male members of the Caucus primarily for the purpose of ensuring that we lead by example," Hlongwa said.

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